About Working In Claims At GEICO

Working In Claims

GEICO is a unique company. The environment is a fast, fun-paced environment and it is a very positive one. You get a lot of feedback I really think GEICO hires great people. There are a lot of opportunities to move forward. It’s great just being here. It doesn’t feel like a job. I realized I wanted a stable working environment with a really great company and that’s what I found working for GEICO. There really is no such thing. What we’re doing is really making an impact on people’s lives. Helping them to understand what it is that they have been paying for. When they have to use something that they never thought they would have to use before. We are the first people that customers speak with when calling in regarding an accident.

So we’ve got to make sure that we are there and available for them in their time of need. Absolutely customer focused Claims makes it very easy to be motivated. There is a clear path to success. I have been here six years and I’ve been promoted three times. Started at the bottom level and worked my way up. Prior I had no insurance knowledge whatsoever. The training we receive in claims is phenomenal. In no way, shape or form do we just put you in without making sure? That you know everything that has to go on to handle the claims process and guide the customers through the claims process. GEICO’s training is so advanced that while you’re even in the classroom training you do start taking live calls. That way you are prepped for what you are going to be expected once you get to your team.

Team-Based Environment

We’re getting help from our supervision. We’re getting help from our teammates. It’s a very team-based environment. I’m just amazed at how much effort GEICO put’s into me. So that I can put that effort back into our customers and do as well as I could possible do. To be successful at GEICO, it really takes a hunger. It takes a desire to come in and really want to work hard. You have to have a positive attitude. Be able to multi-task because you are going to wear many different hats. You need to be open to change as well as open to learning and of course, that customer contact is really important. So you have to be able to build relationships with your customers, with your coworkers so you have that solid team.

 You’ve got to come in, you’ve got to want to do well and you’ve got to try to do well If you’re thinking about applying for GEICO. This is the best opportunity that you have probably ever come across. Honestly, I really feel like you step in here. You’re going to be in a place that you’re going to want to stay. What I like most about working at GEICO Is the sense of pride that I can have.  When I leave each and every day I feel accomplished I feel a great sense of gratification that I was able to touch so many lives. Every day I feel like I make a different in our customers’ lives. To be that friendly caring voice on the other end and truly get them through the situation is very rewarding.


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