Filing a Car Accident Claim without Police Report and Filing a Fully Developed Claim

Car Accident Claim

So, the short answer is yes, you can file a claim and you can even file a lawsuit in an injury case after a car accident, even if you didn’t call the police and you don’t have a police report of the accident. It’s never advisable, it’s always your best evidence of what happened right as it occurred there, get it in written form, you’ll often times have a citation given to the at-fault party. You’ll have things like statements that the other driver said to the police officer. Things like that that can go along way to proving liability. But you can still do it even if you don’t have the police report and the way to do that is to maintain damage to your vehicle and get photographs as quickly as possible and the damage to the at-fault party’s vehicle.

If you take photos at the scene, even if you didn’t call the police, that’s great. Anything that can show how the accident occurred to keep the other side from he said she said about how it occurred, who was at fault, those sorts of things. Obviously, if you have witnesses there as well that can testify as to what they saw, that would be helpful too, it can get around not having a police report. So, there’s still hope even if you don’t have a police report to pursue your case. Maybe a little more difficult, but you need to see what kind of evidence you’re able to build if there’s going to be a liability fight. Obviously, if there’s not going to be a liability fight and the at-fault party’s going to do the right things and admit they were at fault, then a police report is not needed at all. So again, you can pursue your claim even if you don’t have a police report in a car accident case.

Filing a Fully Developed Claim

Veterans can file Fully Developed Claims in one of two ways , they can file it online at eBenefits, or they can file it in the paper on one of the EZ forms. Online FDCs or paper FDCs, you would submit the same type of information.

Now, FDCs are going to vary by claim type. Not every claim is going to need the same thing. For example, if you’re submitting a Veteran’s pension claim, we’re going to ask for a particular income, net worth type information and for a disability compensation claim, you wouldn’t need that same type of information. So online they’ll guide you through exactly which type of information you need to submit your claim and give you an opportunity to submit that information before finalizing the claim online.

Submitting a Fully Developed Claim

When submitting a Fully Developed Claim, it’s important to remember that you can save your effective date and what that means is, when you initially file a claim or at least initiate filing a claim online you can go in there, start populating your information; and as you get through the narratives, it will tell you what you need to submit your claim. So you go into the system, you start completing your claim. Before you hit that send button, gather all your information, upload it, then hit send and what that does–even if you’ve started the claim two months ago and you’ve just now hit send. VA will consider that earlier date that you initiated the claim as the date we can potentially pay you benefits back to.


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