Filing Advice for Homeowners Claims

Homeowners Claims

Thousands in Minnesota and western Wisconsin are dealing with damage. Homeowners will be submitting insurance claims for storm damage. Hopefully, your home was not damaged or won’t be in the future. If it is, we have some advice on filing your claim. You have three things that homeowners should do when thinking about filing a claim. Yeah, there are three initial ks.

  1. The first one, of course, makes your family safe. Don’t leave the home during the storm to inspect for damages.
  2. The second thing is to make sure that once the damage has occurred you do everything you can to mitigate the damages. Make sure they don’t get worse.
  3. Third thing, make sure you report your claim on time. Don’t wait report right away.

How long of a grace period do you have though? Do you have to call that day? A lot of people were dealing without power for several days after that storm. There’s something called practicable. If your home has been taken away for example by a storm, obviously you’re going to wait until you can set yourself up. But a storm, you should not wait until the damage has changed or things have changed in the condition. You should report as soon as possible. Are there certain laws in Minnesota that people should know about when it comes to insurance claims?

One thing I often hear from people is my insurance company didn’t pay me enough to take care of all the damages. There’s a law called the appraisal provision which allows you to submit the number of damages you claim to a panel, one person named by you, one by the insurer and one neutral. They can compare to set a value for the loss. What about an inspection. Can that help you with that process? I feel that inspections are important annually in Minnesota. We have hailstorms. I had a hailstorm last weekend but the hail was very small. So I took a look at my house to see if there is any damage.

I think every year a person should conduct an inspection so if they have damage they can report it on time. For the average home owner, sometimes you may not know what to look for. That professional might catch something that you don’t. Hail damage on roofs particularly is hard to see. One of the things we’ve been talking about is to not maybe schedule those repairs right away. Not to rush into it. Is that also something you recommend to people? Absolutely. Part of my practice is construction defects. You want to make sure you understand the scope of your damage before you go forward with repairs so you don’t repair something that needs a bigger repair than you originally thought.


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