Personal Injury Claim Against Publix Supermarkets and What To Do If Claims Examiner Offers Money To Settle Case?

Claims Examiner

As a general rule, Publix is a great company. They really stand by their motto – “where shopping is a pleasure”. When you go into the stores they are clean, the staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. But sometimes they make mistakes and people are injured in their stores. Something might fall off the shelf. Something might be left on the floor and somebody slips and falls and injures themselves. How do you make a claim against Publix? Well, these are some of the things that you need to know.

  1. Publix really tries to does the right thing if they believe that you have a valid claim they will try to compensate you. But you have to report what happened. You have to fill out an accident report.
  2. Publix has retrofit most of their stores and there are video cameras pretty much-taping everything most aisles. So more likely than not, your incident will be found on videotape.
  3. Publix’s risk management department is in a Lakeland, Florida.
  4. Publix pretty much does their own risk management through an outside company or third-party administrator.

If you are injured and Publix believes that you have a valid claim they will try to resolve your claim for a fair amount. However, if they think you are trying to pull a fast one against them, they will pay you nothing and if you file a lawsuit you have to know that Publix hires some of the best attorneys throughout the State of Florida.

Claims Examiner Offers Settlement Money

What happens when a claim examiner calls you and offers you a few thousand dollars to settle your case? Remember the claims examiner has a specific agenda; they want to get these cases over quickly. They authority up to a certain amount that they will try and offer you in order to get rid of and get your matter resolved and however, if you have medical bills, if you have ongoing injuries, how do know exactly your injuries are worth? If you have, obviously if you have property damage, that’s a defined number and that can be calculated by going to an appraiser, by going to an auto body repair shop, and then you can negotiate over which one exactly has the correct pricing.

But, if you have ongoing care and treatment how are you going to properly evaluate whether or, not your particular injuries are worth a particular dollar value? The claims examiners job is to limit the amount that they hand out. Your job or I should say your attorney’s job is to maximize the recovery that you achieve and remember those two agendas are at odds, so how do you resolve that and what do you do? Well, when the claims examiner calls you to offer a settlement or when they send you a settlement check without you even asking and see you that check in front of you, it’s for a few thousand dollars. Many people attempt to go ahead and can cash that check right away and I’m going to tell you right now, don’t do it. Because by doing that you are going to be giving up your rights and it will prevent you from going ahead and getting full satisfaction for the injuries that you suffered as a result of somebody else’s wrongdoing.


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